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Cop of the Month

First Precinct Cop of the Month 2011-2012

This March the 1st Precinct honored their officers who were presented with the Cop of the Month award for outstanding service in 2011.

Chief McNamara from Manhattan South, Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Edward Winski, the 1st Precinct Community Council President Anthony Notaro and the honor guard from the NYPD presented the awards.

Some officers saved lives, others arrested serial burglars or helped robbery victims. The men and women of the 1st Precinct work hard day in day out to keep the 1st Precinct safe and free of crime. Here are some of the men and women and their stories.

January 2011 – ARREST OF PERP W 35 PRIORS by PO Caralynn McGurk & PO Anthony Biondolilo

1st Pct anti-crime officers McGurk and Biondolilo were conducting a lucky bag operation at a local department store. After placing the handbag on a bench at the location the officers observed a male removed the wallet that was in the handbag and attempting to leave the store. The perpetrator was stopped by the officers and placed under arrest. A search of the perpetrators record revealed 35 previous arrests.

February 2011 – ROBBERY ARREST by PO Gregg Licari & PO Gavin Hoop

While on routine patrol, PO’s Licari and Hoop observed a struggle going on in the doorway of a building in SOHO. Upon exiting their vehicle to investigate , 2 suspects ceased to struggle with the victim and fled on foot.

After a brief pursuit, a suspect was apprehended and a positive ID was obtained from the victim. The perpetrator was placed under arrest and charged with robbery.

March 2011 – CELL PHONE THEFT ARREST by Sgt. Jonathan Simons & PO Kevin Butt

While handling an aided call, Sgt Simons and PO Butt heard screams coming from nearby. While approaching the area, the officers observed a person running from the area with a cell phone in his hand. After a foot pursuit, the perp was apprehended without incident. After an interview of the victim and a positive ID, the perpetrator was placed under arrest and charged with Robbery.

April 2011 – 2 IPHONE ROBBERIES ARREST by Sgt. Vincent Ranieri & PO Christopher Davis

After a call of a robbery of an iphone an hour earler, Sgt. Vincent Ranieri & PO Christopher Davis were doing surveillance on the location in Battery Park. They were observing a group of suspicious individuals. Subsequently, a radio run was transmitted for a robbery in the same area. The officers observed the group flee into Battery Park. After conferring with the victim and a short pursuit, 4 individuals were apprehended and the iphones from both robberies were recovered.

May 2011 –GRAND LARCENY ARREST by Lt. Robert Rudolph & PO Anthony DiFrancesca

After receiving the information and description of a perpetrator for a grand larceny from a beauty salon, Lt. Robert Rudolph & PO Anthony DiFrancesca proceeded to do a canvass of the nearest subway station. As the officers arrived on the platform, they noticed an individual fitting the description. As they approached, the perpetrator fled up the stairs to exit the station. After a brief foot pursuit, the perp was apprehended without incident.

June 2011 – TRIBECA BURGLARY ARREST by PO Benedict Vultaggio & PO Thomas Viggiani

A woman returned home to her apartment on Broadway in Tribeca to discover a man in her apartment. She left the apartment and immediately called 911. PO Benedict Vultaggio & PO Thomas Viggiani responded and immediately performed a canvass and vertical patrol of the building. The officers observed the perpetrator coming down the stairs and was apprehended. After a positive ID, the perpetrator was placed under arrest for burglary and found to have property from the apartment in his possession.

July 2011 – WOMAN WHO THREATENED TO JUMP FROM A BUILDING saved by PO Geoffrey Byrne & PO Michael Reyes

1st Precinct officers were the first to respond to a call of a female threatening to jump from the 10th floor ledge of a building on Wall St. The woman was speaking Spanish and saying she was going to jump. One of the officers understood her and realized the urgency to act quickly. His partner exited the apartment from a different room and climbed a wall to the ledge where the woman was. Being distracted by the one officer , the other was able to grab the woman and she was pulled to safety by the officers.

August 2011 – IPAD ROBBERY ARREST by PO James Amundsen & PO Michael Straniere

PO James Amundsen & PO Michael Straniere responded to a call of a strongarm street level robbery of an Ipad. The officers responded and were informed by the victim that the perpetrators had entered the subway station. The officers proceeded quickly to the next northbound station and were able to apprehend the perpetrators exiting that station without incident.

September 2011 – ARREST OF A THREE TIME BANK ROBBER by Sgt. Stacey Gustafson & PO Douglas Lopez

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After 2 consecutive bank robberies at the same location the prior 2 days, Sgt. Stacey Gustafson & PO Douglas Lopez were doing directed patrol at the bank on Gold St. During their second visit, they noticed a male exiting the bank matching the photo that was taken during the prior robberies. As the officers approached the individual, he began to flee and was apprehended without incident. The perpetrator did in fact rob the bank on that day as well and was arrested for robbery.

October 2011 –SERIAL BURGLAR ARREST by PO Diego Aguirre & PO Christyan Garcia

PO Diego Aguirre & PO Christyan Garcia responded to a burglary on Water St and were successful in apprehending the perpetrator. The Officers remembered a previous complaint that was taken at the location and were able to link the perp to that burglary as well. Also, with help from the detective squad, the perpetrator was charged with 8 additional burglaries in various precincts. Surveillance video showed the tattoos the perpetrator had on his body.

November 2011 – FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD ARREST by PO Whittaker Young & PO Jamie Brantmeyer

While doing routine surveillance of larceny prone locations, PO Whittaker Young and PO Jamie Brantmeyer observed a suspicious vehicle parked illegally in front of the Apple store in SOHO. After a car stop, several electronic devices were observed in the vehicle along with a credit card skimmer and 48 fraudulent credit cards were recovered.

December 2011 – SHOTS FIRED BY PERP ARREST by PO Oswaldo Santiago & PO Marvin Johnson

Responding to call of shots fired, PO Oswaldo Santiago & PO Marvin Johnson were met by a complainant who stated a man in a red Honda had fired a handgun at him. Based on the information received the officers conducted a canvass of the area and were able to locate the red Honda. After a successful car stop, a crime scene was established and firearms along with a shell casing were recovered from inside the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle was arrested at the scene

2011 Auxiliary MOS Achievement Award – APO Kevin Lo

Joined the NYPD Auxiliary in October 2009. Plays an active role in the 1st Precinct Auxiliary Unit. Most hours volunteered in the Unit as an APO. Participated in numerous parades, concerts, and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Celebration.

Participated in the PBQN Storm Response as well as the Opening of the WTC memorial and the 10 year commemoration of Sept. 11 2001.

2011 Civilian MOS Achievement Award – PAA Ann Burke

PAA Ann Burke has been a civilian member of the NYPD at the 1st Pct. for 13 years. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the command. Upon entering the command in January 1999, PAA Burke was tasked with working in the 124 complaint room. From 2001 to the current day, PAA Burke has been an integral part of the precinct’s payroll office. She has ensured a smooth transition to New York City’s new Citytime Payroll management system. Approximately 200 members of the First Precinct rely on PAA Burke to ensure that their paychecks are distributed on time, without flaw. PAA Burke has earned the respect of her supervisors, colleagues, and most importantly, her peers.

2011 Unit Achievement Award – Community Affairs Unit

  • Det Richard Lee
  • PO Thomas Moran
  • PO Stephen Rose
  • PO George Liropoulos

The Community Affairs Team consists of Detective Rick Lee, and Police Officers Thomas Moran, Steve Rose and George Liropoulos. These four officers have a combined total of 61 years of police service between them. The First Precinct Community Affairs Team is charged with maintaining a delicate balance between a thriving business population and a growing residential community. Most recently, they have had to meet challenges which have surfaced regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement. Their interaction with business and community leaders has helped to build and maintain a strong relationship between the First Precinct populace and the New York City Police Department.

2011 Detective Achievement Award – Det. Nicholas Reina

Detective Reina is a highly experienced and valuable member of the 1st Precinct Detective Squad. He has been a member of the Department for 22 1/2 years, serving for 13 years in the Detective Bureau. He currently serves as the 1st Precinct Squad Domestic Violence Investigator. That position often requires more than simply arresting those responsible for committing domestic violence acts but to guide the victims and their loved ones through the court process, as well as ensuring their safety and making sure they do not continue to be victimized.

The Precinct Council and Council-member Margaret Chin

The Precinct Commander and the Council were pleased that Council-member Margaret Chin attended the Cop of the Month ceremony. We are all proud of the accomplishments and achievements by the men and women of the First Precinct.

Cop of the Month 2010: First and Second Precincts

The First Precinct Cop of the Month 2010


Police Officer Gene Schatz.

PO Schatz successfully apprehended a fleeing bank robbery suspect after commission of the crime.

On Friday March 26, 2010, at approximately 1209 PM, PO Schatz and his partner PO Desapio responded to a Bank Robbery at 277 Broadway. While responding to the location, the officers were flagged down by a bank employee who had followed the perpetrator from the bank. The employee pointed out the perpetrator and PO Schatz executed the quick apprehension of the criminal.

PO Schatz exercised sound tactics and keen observation while responding to a tense situation. His actions led to the quick apprehension of the perpetrator as well as the recovery of $2,000.

April – Police Officer Yael Magori – During the month of April 2010, PO Magori made an astounding 12 arrests including 2 felony arrests, to earn her the April Cop of the Month award.

May – Police Officer Lawrence Sanzari – On May 7, 2010, PO Sanzari responded to a call of an unconsciuos female at 138 Spring Street. Upon arrival, the aided was lying on the floor. Sergeant Bullara and PO Sanzari accessed the aided and found that the aided had no pulse and was not breathing. The aided was also cold to the touch and did not respond to verbal commands. PO Sanzari the initiated rescue breathing and chest compressions to the aided. After the first round of CPR, the aided began to have a shallow pulse and weak breathing. After about 5 minutes the aided stopped breathing again, and had no pulse. PO Sanzari performed CPR again, stabilizing the aided until the arrival of EMS. The aided was the stabilized by EMS and transported to NYU Downtown Hospital in stable condition and conscious.

June – Anti Crime Team
Sgt Michael Lutz
PO Whittaker Young
PO Andre Reyes
PO William Finan
PO Mildred Velez

The burglary pattern was ongoing for a few months in Manhattan and Brooklyn with many NYPD units working on it. On June 5, 2010 1st Precinct Anti Crime Team observed and arrested the 3 perpetrators involved in the burglary pattern after a commercial burglary in the 61 Precinct. All 3 defendants had numerous prior arrests. One of them had a prior conviction for murder.

July – Police Officer Daniel Brier, Police Officer Richard Ford, Police Officer Christopher Braine -On July 6,2010 Police Officers Brier, Ford and Braine responded to a suicidal person threatening to jump out of his apartment window on the 11th floor of a building on Wall ST. Upon entering the apartment, the person was sitting on the windowsill with his legs facing outwards. The victim told police to stay away and not to come any closer or he would jump. For approximately 20 minutes the Police Officers maintained a dialogue with the person to attempt to get him off of the windowsill. Upon arrival of the Emergency Service Unit, the Officers were able to inch their way toward the disturbed person, eventually leading to him being pulled from the window by the responding personnel.


Sgt. Joseph Taylor and Police Officer Theodore Plevritis

On Saturday, August 7, 2010, three people were shot in the vicinity of Front Street and Beekman Street. At approximately 3 am, Police Officer Theodore Plevritis and Sgt. Joseph Taylor were flagged down by a group of people at the corner of the location. They were informed of the shooting and immediately placed one of the witnesses in the patrol car to conduct a canvass of the area. Near the corner of Fulton Street and Pearl Street the witness identified the two perpetrators. The defendants were stopped and the firearm was recovered. Due to the constant patrolling and quick response of the officers involved, the perpetrators were taken into custody without any further incident. The perpetrators were charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


Police Officer Michael Burke and Police Officer Nick Giakoumis

On Friday, September 17, 2010, at approximately 11 am, a 76 year old woman was the victim of a strong arm robbery in the vicinity of Canal Street and West Broadway. The perpetrator dropped something on the ground and when the victim bent to pick it up he grabbed her pocketbook and pushed her to the ground. Police Officer Michael Burke and Police Officer Nick Giakoumis were driving past the location and were flagged down by a passerby who informed them of the crime. The Officers immediately took action and pursued the perpetrator into a nearby parking garage. The perpetrator tried to escape and was subdued by the Officers. The perpetrator was charged with Robbery and Resisting Arrest.

TD2 – Cop of the Month 2010


Arrest made at 4am of a suspect who stole iPod from sleeping victim on the E train. Police found that suspect had criminal history.


  • Sgt.Joseph Sordi
  • PO John Birong
  • PO Darrell Alfonso
  • PO Lener Morales

Arrest in robbery of a victim who was attacked and punched on staircase by 3 suspects who then went thru the victims pockets and fled. The officers canvassed the area and found the suspects and made the arrest.


  • Sgt Christopher Correa
  • PO Cesar Gonzales

Suspect robbing victims on as they enter the subway at Broadway Nassau Street station on the J line. Grabbing ladies purses at they go through turnstiles
Officers found suspect, had a positive line up id., made arrest.


  • Sgt. John Nunziato
  • PO. Alexander Bradshaw
  • PO. Jim Bartley
  • PO. Michael Thomas

Lush worker arrest for more on this story see Daily News article.

Lush Worker Arrest

At the Brooklyn Bridge station at 3:40 am on the 6 train officers observed a known lush worker (criminal who steals items from people asleep on trains) remove a Sidekick cell phone from a sleeping passenger’s hand. The officer arrested the perp and 2 other lush workers who were look outs.

Between the 2 defendants they had 54 prior arrests including arrests for Robbery and Grand Larceny

Sgt John Nunziato, PO Bradshaw, PO Thomas and PO Bartley made the arrests

Grand Larceny Arrest

At Penn Station around 1pm an officers observed a person trying to use a credit card in the Metro Card machine which was denied. The officer questioned the man and he stated “you got me”. The perp was found to be in possession of 4 stolen credit cards, belonging to 2 separate persons. Investigation showed that a bag was stolen from a woman at Radio City and another victim reported that his bag was stolen from 44th St and 5th Ave.

Lt Cruz, Sgt. Larasso and PO Corrado made the arrest. They were the anti crime plain clothes officers

The defendant had 20 prior arrests including 7 for Burglary and 2 for Robbery

Phone snatch arrest

Officers observed a female chasing a male down the street yelling “stop him.” The officers caught the male near Waverly Place. The female stated the perp had snatched her Phone while she was texting.


During a train inspection on the uptown A train at W 4th Street, at 5:50pm officers observed a perp pretending to read a newspaper reach and grab a females purse 2 times while holding the train door open. Anti crime plain clothes officers Lt Cruz and Officer Mejia observed and made the arrest. The defendant had 42 prior arrests including 8 for Robbery, 4 for Grand Larceny, 6 for Criminal Possession of stolen property and 1 for Burglary

At approx 1:30 am on the Brooklyn Bridge station north bound track officers were called to the station in response to a call.
A male had beaten up passengers who had refused to give him their money and possessions.
The victims stated that the perp was sitting across from them on the train and stated “Give me you money”, when refused he punched and kicked victims and took their wallets
The officers did an investigation on the scene and the perp was found and arrested by Officer Tom.
Officers responded were

  • Sgt Joseph Sordi
  • PO Michael Rhome
  • PO Randy Dasilva
  • PO Brendan Tom