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Welcome Captain Anthony Carter, new Commanding Officer of Transit District2

captain-anthony-carter-133Captain Anthony Carter began his career in the NYPD at the 68th Precinct in 1994. He was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the 73rd Precinct in 2000. In 2006 Captain Carter was promoted to Lieutenant assigned to the 73rd Precinct. In 2010 Captain Carter became the Executive Officer of the 66th Precinct and in 2011 he was assigned to work for the Chief of Transportation.

He became Commanding Officer of Transit District 2 on September 9, 2013.

Welcome to Captain Carter.


Staff Sgt. James D. McNaughton | Faces of the Fallen | The Washington Post

Staff Sgt Jame D. McNaughton. was killed on august 2, 2005. Saturday was the anniversary of his death. His family, friends, the US army and Transit District 2 officers attended a memorial to commemorate the 9th anniversary of his passing. He was buried in Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island. Chief of Counter-terrorism, Chief James Waters attended along with Commanding Officer of Transit District 2, Captain Anthony Carter.

Read the full article in The Washington Post.

530-photo(5) TD2-group


Meet Your Police: Transit District 2 Community Outreach  at the Fulton Street Subway Station and Penn Station

Last week Transit District 2, the NYPD command that patrols the subways organized a community outreach, with Mc Gruff the Crime Dog. Many subway riders passed by and enjoyed the popcorn, crime prevention information and coloring books for children. Chief of Transit Joseph Fox attended and greeted riders and officers. Chief Fox’s theme Mission First: People Always was put into action.

It was a great event.

Meet the police TD2 017 GROUP w Chief Fox-2

Meet the police TD2 Mission First People Always-2


Detective James Rudolph was recently promoted on June 2nd from Police Officer to Detective Specialist.

Detective Rudolph is a 27 year veteran of the NYPD. He is the recipient of the Combat Cross and the Medal of Valor, two of the police department’s highest honors along with the Manhattan South Division Valor Award. He has been awarded the Downtown Alliance Award and the NY Press/Our Town Downtown OTTY Award for exceptional contribution to the downtown community. He was also awarded the Daily News citation for exceptional merit. He even plays Santa for the local Chinatown schools. Detective Rudolph has been assigned to Transit District 2 for 25 years and is a great asset to the downtown community.  
Police Commissioner William Bratton and
Detective James Rudolph
PO Timothy Osorio 2
Chief of Transit, Joseph Fox and Detective James Rudolph

Commanding Officer Captain Anthony Carter with Detective Rudolph and Transit District 2 officers during promotion.


Decoy operations helped reduce the number of robberies in the subway system by 22% last year, the NYPD’s top transit cop told the MTA board Monday.

Electronic devices were a popular target for subway muggers and pick pocketers, making up 54% of stolen property in all robberies and grand larcenies.

“Clearly, our decoy operations were critical to reducing these electronic thefts,” Joe Fox said, adding the NYPD will “continue to use decoy operations frequently as part of our broader strategy to reduce theft of electronic devices.”

Read the rest of the amNewYork article


Transit District 2 Explorers help in Diabetes Walk


On Saturday September 28th the Transit District 2 and Transit District 4 Explorers took part in the Step Out Diabetes Walk, organized by the American Diabetes Association. The walk, to help raise money to find a cure for Diabetes, commenced in Battery Park City and was packed; there were numerous participants. The Transit Explorers were on hand and volunteered to help with the event; a great group of young citizens.


Stolen iPhone Recovered with Help from Anti-Theft App

A thief cut a sleeping man’s pocket and stole his iPhone on the subway this week, but police succeeded in getting it back thanks to an anti-theft app.

Sgt Robinson
Sergeant William Robinson
PO Timothy Osorio 2
Police Officer Timothy Osorio

NYPD Sgt. William Robinson and Officer Timothy Osorio, both of Transit District 2, responded to the site where the iPhone was last located. Robinson used the Find my iPhone app on his iPad to trace the stolen phone to First Avenue and 1st Street on the Lower East Side.

Read coverage on WCBS

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Transit District 2 /1ST Precinct National Night Out


L-R Deputy Inspector Porteus, Transit Bureau XO Chief Vincent Coogan, TD2 CO Captain Paul Rasa, Deputy Inspector Edward O’Brien


Transit District 2 Cop of the Month 2012

January: Grand Larceny

  • Sgt Lograsso
  • PO Yeuris Mejia

February: Robbery

  • PO Randy DaSilva
  • PO Michael Rhome
  • PO Clifford Turner
  • Sgt Joseph Sordi

March: Lush Worker Grand Larceny

  • PO John Bartley
  • PO Michael Thomas
  • PO Alex Bradshaw
  • Sgt John Nunziato

April: Gun Arrest

  • PO Paul McCarthy
  • PO Kevin Lavin
  • Sgt Chris Correa
  • PO Yeuris Mejia
  • PO Nick Geroulakis

Story of note: At Canal Street officers noticed a man who appeared nervous, had his hand on his right hand pocket. The officers and stopped him, the defendant, became resistant when the officers questioned him and asked him to step off the train. When the officers frisked him he had a loaded 38 Lugar with 5 rounds of ammunition and was on parole for robbery.

May: Robbery

  • PO Nicholas Molino
  • PO David Michelena

June: Grand Larceny

  • PO John Bartley
  • PO Micheal Thomas
  • PO Alex Bradshaw
  • Sgt John Nunziato

July: Grand Larceny

  • PO Gurney George
  • PO Salvator Catania
  • Sgt Bryan Giordano

August: Robbery

  • LT Anthony Reyes
  • PO John Pattishaw
  • PO Sammy Morel

September: Escaped Prisoner

  • PO Richard Noriega
  • LT Anthony Reyes

Story of note: During a buy/ bust operation a prisoner escaped out of a prisoner van. The prisoner was seen in the Union Square subway station, Lt Reyes and his partner responded. The prisoner was spotted running into the northbound tunnel. The officers got into their car and continued the search north, and spotted the suspect at 21st and Park Ave. They tackled the suspect to the ground and got him in custody. The defendant has 15 priors and 2 burglaries arrests.

October: Grand Larceny / Lush Worker

  • PO John Bartley
  • PO Michael Thomas
  • PO Alex Bradshaw
  • Sgt John Nunziato

November: Robbery

December: Robbery

  • PO Matthew Divito
  • PO Christopher Tuccio
  • PO Joseph Seva
  • PO Brain Kenny
  • Sgt Christoper Correa

Transit Bureau Cop of the Month, November-December 2012

Chief of Transit Joseph Fox awards Officer Yeuris Mejia with the Transit Bureau Cop of the Month Award for November/December 2012

On Tuesday, November 20th at 9:20pm an 80 year old gentleman was entering the subway turnstiles with his wallet and metrocard when a young man grabbed his wallet. The man struggled to keep his wallet and was injured. The suspect was finally able to grab the wallet and flee. There was a review of the surveillance cameras and the suspect was identified. The following night the Transit District 2 Anti Crime teams set up a surveillance at the same station and Officer Mejia was able to identify the suspect. The suspect resisted Officer Mejia and yet he was still able to arrest him. The defendant has 7 prior arrests, 5 in the subway system.

Congratulations to Officer Yeuris Mejia of TD2 for being awarded Transit Bureau Cop of the Month, November-December 2012.

TD 2’s Officer James Rudolph Awarded the Our Town Downtown OTTY Award

Officer James Rudolph from Transit District 2 was awarded the Our Town Downtown OTTY Award for commendable service to the downtown community on December 12, 2012. OTTY stands for “Our Town Thanks You”. To read more, please see A Hero Whose Life Would Make a Book in the New York Press.


Transit District 2 Info Link

Click here to visit the Transit District 2 site.

Defeat a Thief: Safe Subway Riding Tips

  • Thieves snatch electronic devices just as the subway’s door open or close, when you’re distracted.
  • Don’t let an open door be an invitation to a thief
  • Don’t block the door, know your surroundings
  • Stay ALERT, especially when listening to music
  • Don’t stay by train doors
  • Stay with others during off-peak hours
  • Use designated waiting areas
  • Ride in the conductors car
  • Keep electronic devices hidden
  • Be Alert for staged distractions
  • Carry handbag / wallet up front