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Please sign to help make it illegal to buy counterfeit trademarked goods

April 8th, 2013 Posted in 1st Precinct News

Please sign the online petition here:

This bill will make it a class A misdemeanor to purchase counterfeit goods, punishable with up to a $1,000 fine and/or up to a year in jail. The bill also targets those who purchase goods which they should know are counterfeit, based on the cost or quality of the bill, or the conditions and location of the seller or sale.
Wider Implications:

  • It supports unsafe working conditions for children and low-wage workers
  • Funds from the illegal counterfeit trade have been tied to terrorism and international crime.
  • Comptroller William Thompson estimated that counterfeit goods cost New York City an estimated $1 billion in tax revenue annually.

Our neighborhoods in lower Manhattan are inundated with illegal vendors and tourists looking for to purchase counterfeit handbags.

  • This illicit business clog our streets and have major negative impacts on the quality of life of residents
  • Harassment, intimidation, public urination

The demand for counterfeit goods has not slowed. We cannot keep going about this issue in the same way. We need to deter people from purchasing these items.

  • Our laws in incomplete in that they only target the supply of these items and not the demand.
  • The bottom line is counterfeiters have to sell to do their job and we need a law in place that punishes buyers for supporting this illegal trade.

It is smart crime-fighting.

  • This legislation would put the power in the hands of the Police to issue summons to individuals caught buying counterfeit trademark goods.
  • Substantial fines are something people understand.
  • Issuing a summons is faster, more effective, and ultimately is it going to cut down on the demand for these illegal goods.
  • Currently, buyers do not face any penalties for buying counterfeit good.
    The ease at which counterfeit goods are sold in New York City reflects negatively on our City.

    • We want tourists to come here for the local artists and goods available here, not for knock-offs.
    • We should promote our City’s small businesses and creative sector.

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